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Proper protection is paramount. Thus, a helmet can no longer be left out of a good snowboarding outfit. A helmet can prevent severe head injuries. To choose the right helmet size, you can either come to the store and try on or measure your head circumference and choose the right size. Measure your head circumference just above the eyebrows. The largest circumference is the correct size.


Size chart

Hoofdomtrek in cm:

Helmet size:

52 - 54


54 - 56

S / M

57 - 59

L / XL

59 - 60.5



Outer shell

Within snowboard helmets, there are two major categories, in-mold helmets and hard shell helmets. In in-mold snowboard helmets, the hard plastic is filled with a firm foam. In contrast, a hard shell snowboard helmet is a two-piece helmet with an inner and outer shell. These are sturdier and offer more protection and are recommended for driven snowboarders who like to snowboard off-piste and dwell in freeride parks.