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As a passionate snowboarder or skier, your snowboard or ski set is close to your heart. In addition, a decent snowboard or ski set isn't cheap. Therefore, it is important to maintain it properly. An accurate and professional maintenance can greatly optimize the lifespan and quality of your snowboard or ski set. And we are happy to help you with that.

Since we ourselves have years of experience and love for the sport, we can offer you an appropriate maintenance or repair. 

Need maintenance or repairs?
Stop by the store or contact us:
0496 39 69 92
[email protected]

Price list

Waxing €20
Sharpening €15
Waxing & sharpening €35
Repairs on request.

What does ski or snowboard maintenance entail?



We scrape all burrs and other bumps off the base and remove old wax with our steel rotary brush. A clean base to begin with is very important! If a repair needs to be done, we also do this first and foremost.

We use a diamond file to file out all bumps from the edge such as minor damage or rust. Afterwards, if necessary, we sharpen the edge with our grinder. By default, we sharpen everything at 90°. If you would like a different angle, be sure to let us know.

3. WAX


When the base and edges are completely clean, we melt new, quality wax over the entire surface of the base. Then we let the wax soak in and cool. Then we scrape all excess wax from the base. Wax crawls in the base, so anything on top of it has to come off.

We complete the maintenance process by polishing the base with all kinds of brushes. We remove any wax drips along the sides. So, your snowboard or skis are shred ready!